Who We Are

Mission & Vision

The Collaborative strengthens, convenes, and catalyzes networks of philanthropy to advance equitable and racially just education and systemic policies and practices that create the conditions every learner needs to achieve, thrive and succeed in a globally diverse society.

Our vision is to unify philanthropy, educators, policymakers, and communities to actively support equitable and just policies and systems promoting opportunities for all learners to develop and prosper.

Our Leadership

Learner-centered solutions Focusing on student, family and educator needs, experiences, and identities
Racial equity and justice
An aspirational vision towards a fair and just society generating equitable outcomes
Learner-centered solutions
Focusing on student, family and educator needs, experiences, and identities
Internal, external and impacted groups and individuals have a voice and power to define problems and impact solutions
Collaborative action and learning
Working together to learn and achieve in an inclusive, trusting environment to achieve more together than individually
Narrative change
Deeply listening to and sharing lived experiences and stories to make sense of the world, lift up individuals and communities, and counter erasure
Transparency and trust
Communicating clearly and often, particularly about how decisions are made and by whom to increase visibility of work and break down silos; building trust through transparency
Data and evidence
Data disaggregated by race/ethnicity, gender identity, income, and other lines of difference whenever possible to inform our work



The National Public Education Support Fund was created by Dan Leeds as part of the Leeds family of philanthropies, with Terri Shuck and Bob Wise.


NPESF launches the Education Funder Strategy Group to provide foundation leaders with a learning community to exchange ideas on the intersections of philanthropy, policy, research, and practice.


NPESF established its international learning tours, sending delegations to study education systems around the world, including trips to Canada, Finland, Singapore, and Australia.


NPESF forms the Partnership for the Future of Learning which evolves into a robust network of 700 social justice leaders, culminating in a transition to independent status in 2022.


Grantmakers for Thriving Youth becomes part of NPESF, with Global Science of Learning Education Network in 2019, and Data Funders Collaborative joining in 2020.


The National Public Education Support Fund becomes The Philanthropic Collaborative for Education (“The Collaborative”).