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Daniel Leeds

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Daniel Leeds is the Founder of the National Public Education Support Fund, the Education Funder Strategy Group and the National Public Education Action Fund. He helped found the Alliance for Excellent Education (ALL4ED) and the Global Science of Learning Education Network. Dan is a proponent of looking at education through the lens of the science of learning and in a global context.  He was an early supporter of PISA and other OECD global education assessments.

Along with his wife, Sunita, Dan co-chairs The Enfranchisement Foundation, which focuses on breaking the cycles of poverty and intolerance in the United States as well as on women’s issues. Mr. Leeds is the President of Fulcrum Investments LLC, a private investment firm. Until the sale of CMP Media in 1999, he was President of International Publishing. Through its publications, websites and licensees, CMP global a technology media company, reached audiences in over 70 countries.  The company was cited as “One of the Best Companies to Work For” by Fortune Magazine and Working Women Magazine.