Field Catalysts: The Versatile, Essential Tool Missing from Philanthropy’s System Change Toolbox

How can we use research to help transform an inequitably designed education system in the U.S. into one that supports every student’s learning and well-being by respecting them as a valued person and thinker? In other words, how can school affirm students’ humanity?

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Lija Farnham and Lisa Quay, The Center for Effective Philanthropy

Being a Leader of Color in Philanthropy

Kent McGuire, program director of our Education Program, and Na’ilah Suad Nasir, president of the Spencer Foundation. Kent and Na’ilah have been colleagues and academics in the same education and philanthropy circles for years. They recently sat down together via Zoom to discuss their journeys, how things differed for them as leaders of color, and how education impacted their career directions and their personal motivations.

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William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Leveraging for Big Results: The Leeds Family’s Entrepreneurial Approach to Increasing High School Graduation Rates

The Leeds Family’s entrepreneurial approach to increasing High School Graduation rates.

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Envisioning a New Future: Building Trust for Data Use

The culmination of a three part landscape review prepared with and for the DFC, this paper aims to provide a common language for funders to understand the opportunities and challenges to improving engagement and building trust with communities and offers a range of approaches to consider for future investments.

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Urban Institute’s National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership