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U.S. Department of Education Announces Over $220 Million Dollars in Investments from Government, Private, and Public Sectors to Support Student Recovery

Framing Data and Equity: Findings and Recommendations for the Data Funders Collaborative

The new Framing Data and Equity: Findings and Recommendations for the Data Funders Collaborative report reflects recent research from Topos Partnership that explores the current dynamics at the intersection of data, government, and racial equity. The report and accompanying toolkit are intended to support paths for effective, community-driven data-related efforts, specifically toward the goal of increasing racial…

Promoting Data Sharing Approaches

This report and accompanying Toolkit intend to help communicators talk about and promote a wide range of data sharing with broad audiences. The goal is to identify ways of creating more constructive and supportive dialog with more people, and to explore ways to navigate challenges so they don’t derail the conversation.

Education Equity in Action: Bright Spots

A set of bright spot organizations and school systems that are embracing equity-oriented principles—grounding teaching and learning in the science of learning and development, leveraging approaches that anchor on the student experience, and harnessing the resources necessary to equitably advance this body of work—with promising effect.